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Meet the Eggspress Delivery Team: Colin and Kendra Terpstra and Braden and Lauryn Bisschop. Together, the four of us make a great team! We all bring a different set of skills to the business; this creates a good partnership between us and allows for each delivery week to run as smooth as possible.

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30 Years Free-Range Egg Farm Experience

As you may have guessed, our families’ live and breath eggs, we are passionate about quality and care when it comes to getting you a premium product. Both Colin and Braden were raised on chicken farms and have been handling eggs since they were walking. In between deliveries, you can find them both on a chicken farm.

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Colin & Kendra

One half of the Eggspress Team! Colin and Kendra have been married for 5 years now and recently welcomed their first child to their family. Together they live and work on one of the Country Golden Yolks farms along with their dog Cooper and are excited to be part of a new business venture. Colin grew up on the family farm and has been employed at various Country Golden Yolks farms since his teenage years. He often helped his Opa and Oma during the early days of chicken farming.  After all the farm chores are done, you can find him delivering eggs on Tuesdays or Thursdays across the lower mainland in the Eggspress cube truck! Colin has taken great pride in his new role; he is enjoying keeping the business running smoothly and getting to know our customers. Kendra works alongside Colin, picking eggs in the barns as well as helping with admin work for Eggspress. She often hops along with Colin and helps with weekly deliveries. Kendra hopes to continue helping with the business where she can, but also is enjoying this season of being a new mom to our newest Eggspress recruit.

Braden & Lauryn

The other half of the Eggspress Team!  Braden and Lauryn have been married for almost a year and a half. Both being animal lovers, they have 2 dogs and a cat and live near the family farm.  They are both farmers at heart but are really enjoying doing deliveries together and being involved with the Eggspress business. Braden was born, raised and is employed on his parent’s chicken farm, one of the Country Golden Yolk farms. He has worked with hens and eggs his entire life and brings lots of knowledge to the Eggspress team. Due to a recent arm injury, he is currently doing behind the scenes work for the company but is working towards getting back on our weekly deliveries as well! Lauryn was born and raised on a dairy farm. She currently works at a local tree and plant nursery. During the slower winter months and on weekends, she picks eggs at a few local chicken farms as well. Lauryn works hard at Eggspress with behind the scenes admin work, and we are thankful for her bookkeeping skills on the team!